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How to save values of variables from MDX

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  • How to save values of variables from MDX

    Hi guys,
    So I've managed to finally complete my skinning and customizing of MDX to create HVAC controls for my carputer. The last feature that I would like to implement is the ability to save data for the variables, so that if the program is closed, I can open it, and rather than having the variables set to some default value from the config file, values could be loaded that were set within the program the last time it was running. This is more important for the graphical parts of the interface to retain fan speed indicators and temperature settings, ect.

    I have absolutely no idea of how to code this within MDX (if its even possible), so detailed suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Is this not possible at all?


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      Hi sorry I missed this thread.

      Currently not possible is the short answer. You can do some fancy things with calling an external exe or batch file with variables and that can save and then reopen the variables. But currently 100% completely contained in MDX is only default values.

      The new software will allow saved variable states.
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        Thanks 2K. Saving the variable state will definitely make things almost perfect especially since my HVAC controls are 100% digital, rather than having the FB control the system directly, I am wiring it to the original circuit board for the HVAC system in my car and having the software mimic pushing the actual buttons with relays. Thus i have to have the software remember how may times the button has been pushed to give me the correct display of temp, fanspeed, mode, ect.

        Any idea when the new software will be out? I've tried to port my work over to rrfusion, as I believe i could save variable states with it, but i've found the programming even more confusing than MDX, and am not sure if I could accomplish the same sort of function with a skin in rr as i can in MDX.
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