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Where are things headed, vision for now & the future possibilities.

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  • Where are things headed, vision for now & the future possibilities.

    I purchased a few brains back a while ago, and have been waiting for it & myself to mature. I know a lot of time has been invested, but Im confused, because no one has explained what all the changes mean for the user. I cant remember which brain version I have (see attached I cant find a version number on it) Now that I have time to do all the things I originally purchased the brain to control, so much has changed. Once I get the brain working with the new software what will I also need to know (install in windows) in order be able to use it to its full potential I guess the new software (Fuse) is better to interface a web server to write variables for processing involving other devices. Kind of getting into home automation too I guess, Also the question of using it with Riderunner has there been any work done with an interface whats with that?
    Sorry for my ignorance, but just some plain speaking about the possibilities and the types of interfaces needed to use this unique piece of hardware. Since Im not a programmer it would be good to have some straight talk as to the hows and whats to furnish a feeble minded dreamer, such as myself, a snap-shot in terms of what software to use, what is need to use the interface or as a part with something else, and start using it in my car PC, what planning there is for future integrations. Too much talk on the hows and a little dreaming would be nice to read and elaborate on, and some recommended reading or programs to work alongside, and what we can expect from the software now, and later on.
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    You have a Version 3 fusion brain, which is already compatible with RideRunner, check out my plugin RRFusion Despite owning a v6, i still use the v3 in my car out of simplicity (it works, has worked for years). Despite having an older brain there's still existing software you can make use of to capitalize on its features. The only real things that's going to limit you are:

    1. Always needs a PC to control it
    2. Number of Inputs/Outputs

    With those factors in mind, you need to decide what ultimately you wish to use it for. Want home automation out of your v3 brain? I dont believe there's any available software yet, but that's not to say it can't be done, and considering programming for the FB is relatively simple, it's probably just a matter of finding out what you want to control rather than how to control it. So again, define your path and we'll help to get ya there Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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