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ODBI Displayed In FuseGL Window

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  • ODBI Displayed In FuseGL Window

    I am new to Fusion Brain and FuseGL but have learned a lot from all of the previous posts in this forum. I have a 67 GMC truck that has a GM Tuned Port Injection system running off a GM 1227730 ECM (ODBI). I know ODBI is outdated junk but it's the out dated junk I know I purchased a Fusion Brain v6 to display some gauges and indicators like fuel level, oil pressure, coolant temp, check engine, blinkers, high beam, etc. on the analog ports of the FB. Plenty of good info on how to do this so no question on that. In addition I want to take a feed from my ODBI ALDL to display selected information directly in the FuseGL GUI.

    I have the C# code to pull the ALDL data off a different USB port, but my question is can this code be another .cs file in the FuseGL logic that gets compiled along with the other .cs files in FuseGL or should it be a completely separate program that pushes information directly into the FuseGL window? Are either of these even possible? If this has already been done before just point me in the right direction.

    I realize I could just create a separate program in a separate window and split the screen between FuseGL window and my ALDL data window but I am tying to make it look fully integrated in a single window. Isn't that the beauty of computers and programming anyway?

    Thanks in advance.