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eyeR Interceptor: startup/Shutdown Controller Tutorial

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  • eyeR Interceptor: startup/Shutdown Controller Tutorial

    We all know that there are so many variations of startup/shutdown controllers, well I guess its my turn to add to that list.

    For complete understanding of this tutorial, its assumed that the eyeR manual has been read.

    Beside all the other features the eyeR has, I have added startup/shutdown control.
    The eyeR can easilly be used as a startup/shutdown controller and you can also create events when the iginition is turning on or off.

    In this example i will show you how to pulse and output on and off when:
    • ACC is turned on by key
    • ACC is turned off by key
    • The PC has booted into windows
    • The PC has shutdown

    So with all these combinations you should be able to reliably turn on/off your amps, PC power and other devices that require to be powered up and
    turned off at a specific time.

    To start we need to connect the ACC line to the eyeR, this is done by connecting the ACC line to the IRQ input of the eyeR (the eyeR inputs accept 3-15v inputs directly). For detection of the PC booting
    and shutting down, all that is needed is the usb cable to be connected to the eyeR.

    Ok, now that the eyeR hardware is setup all we need now is to configure the eyeR to respond how we want it.

    When you open up the "eyeR Configuration utility" you will see this:

    Click image for larger version

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    As you can see that all of the conditions are fairly self explanatory, and literally in a matter of clicks you have instant start up/shutdown control. No code to write, no hardware to build and no jumpers to set!

    Condition #1 explained:
    When the PC has booted in Windows..
    The eyeR will WAIT for 5 seconds, then turn ON "D0" for 1 second, then turn off.

    "D0" can then be connected directly to a relay.

    With the eyeR remote you can also activate/deactivate (Intercept) the event outputs.

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