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SAY WHAT! .. InfraRed remote control add-on for your Fusion Brain!

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  • SAY WHAT! .. InfraRed remote control add-on for your Fusion Brain!

    ** Now Available HERE **

    When ordering you can select the IR mounting option required and also the type or IR remote you require. If you want both remotes then its a little bit extra.

    I have been wanting infrared remote control for my fusion brain for years, but couldn't work out a simple solution. My first and expensive shot at it was the 1st gen eyeR interceptor plug-in addon for the V3 fusion brain. (Yes V3, ancient now we all know!)

    After many months of development of the original eyeR, the fusion brain V4 was released a few days after my plug-in mod . Thanks guys!

    At that time I wasn't aware that the Fusion guys update the FB as often as their underwear. :P

    The only way was to make a more "universal" way.

    So what does this thing do?
    This little direct plug in module for the fusion brain converts Infrared (IR) signals to analog output values so it can be directly interpreted by the fusion brain. It comes with a cable that allows you to plug this in directly into any of your fusion brains analog inputs.

    Production Unit:
    Click image for larger version

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    Here is the New tiny Infra Red adapter (IR2Analog) for the fusion brain.

    You can select the mounting option you require for your particular installation

    Here is the included cable to connect to your FB.

    OK, now wheres that cheap TV remote I'm going to use to work with it that has buttons that do not correspond to anything?

    Yeah, right....
    Two custom remotes are also included for various applications.

    On the left is general purpose, the one on the right is climate/HVAC specific.

    Now what analog signal do I get out of this?

    This table shows the output voltages the device will output depending on the buttons pressed. As you will see that both remotes can work of the one board.

    For example, if you press button "4" on the "OUTPUTS" remote the fusion brain will see an analog voltage of 0.4v while the button is pressed. Once you release the button the FB will see 0v at the analog input channel.

    If your wondering about the accuracy of the D/A converter, its actually high speed 12bit resolution. As your probably aware, the FB inputs are only 10bit resolution. So this module can output more accurately than what the FB can actually read

    Now your wondering... cool but my FB 4 has 5v input and my FB 6 has 3.3v input!
    Not to worry, this module will work with any Fusion Brain.
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    I might have to pick your brain so we can get this included in FuseGL.

    Great work as always.
    Fusion Brain Version 6 Released!
    1.9in x 2.9in -- 47mm x 73mm
    30 Digital Outputs -- Directly drive a relay
    15 Analogue Inputs -- Read sensors like temperature, light, distance, acceleration, and more
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      Thanks, 2K
      One thing is that even though the output of say button 2 is 0.2v, it might actually be 0.2001v. That means you might need to add a window of 0.2v +/- 0.05. Rounding off the analog input reading to 1 decimal place will probably work also.


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        You guys are equally nuts!!
        I am hoping you two can both assist me in having a sweeeeeet car pc


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          Idea is so cool i'm gonna have to figure a way to actually use it in my setup lol
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            Pretty cool! I'll certainly take one
            Old School member!


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              Nice work. Would this work with other remote controls?......PIONEER CD-SR100 for example
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              I want my environment to be product of me.


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                Steering wheel remote, interesting..

                $60+ is a bit steep though. There are some universal steering wheel remotes available for much cheaper that will work. All you need to do is program it to the codes of my remote.

                So yes, it is very possible.


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                  OK, I didn't manage to have the analog output values fixed for the power supply range as this requires extra voltage reference components. So to keep things simple the analog output will now change as percentage of which button on the remote is pressed. i.e Every button pressed will increase the analog output voltage by a factor of 3.5%. So no matter what the voltage supply you will always be able to determine which button was pressed.

                  **I also added a mode in the firmware that allows the analog output to retain the value of the last button pressed. So now you can have latched and momentary outputs.