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What does a battery isolator do ?

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  • What does a battery isolator do ?

    I have two gelpack batteries in my car and a 70amp stock alternator. Will an isolator allow the alternator to charge one battery at a time opposed to charging both at once (which happens without a isolator) ??
    My alternator keeps dying out because its charging both batteries at once. Will an isolator solve my problem? I dont wanna put out $500 into a high output alternator thats why im asking if an isolator can solve it. thanks

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    depending on what type of isolator you are talking about , an alternater does not have the complexity to charge two batteries at the same time it will always charge the lowest battery and that one only , you can install a manual changover having the batts separatly wired or there is a product on the market in new zealand that uses a diode to pick up the peak voltage and switch batts prob is i dunno that name of this device , if you are clued up with the net and diodes and soldering you could knock one up yourself.
    Wassup Manus