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Just made 411 rwhp in my 99 vette

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  • Just made 411 rwhp in my 99 vette

    Finally got the new motor in my 99 vette done. 411 rear wheel hp and 429 rear wheel torque. This is with a brand new transmission and engine that haven't broken in. I'm expecting at least 15rwhp more. This is a 388ci resleeved LS1 block with ported heads, headers and a decent sized cam.

    Car ran a 12.39 sec 1/4 mile with 110 rear wheel HP less. Should be pretty quick now.

    The car is in california and is being shipped back to Atlanta next week. As soon as the car is home I'm going to hook up my bluetooth->USB adapter and see if I can browse the internet using my Ericsson T68 with GPRS.

    Sorry for the fax, it's all I got.
    99 C5 vert - not stock - now with no PC :-(
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    I saw a corvette forum with a post about a civic vs vette race.

    I don't suppose you happened to see it?

    funniest thing I've seen in a while
    D. R. H. ~alias~ doctaH


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      I didn't see it, what was the link?

      Even a Civic can be made fast with enough money. Once you start modifying a car, all beats are off. I've seen an 11 second Suzuki 3-cylinder turboed Swift (or some other small economy car.)
      99 C5 vert - not stock - now with no PC :-(
      Click here to see a Video of my car


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        long thread, but very funny...
        D. R. H. ~alias~ doctaH


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          after reading that, I think I am gonna cry... at least we can blame it on the guy not being able to drive...
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            "after reading that, I think I am gonna cry... at least we can blame it on the guy not being able to drive..."

            yeah whatever

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              At the track i have seen a mini van beat a new z28 and 2 different civics beat vipers, then again i have also seen a guy with a 6 cyl f-body run 12s (and the list goes on)... so like the he said once a car is modified all bets are off


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                I saw a video online that had a supra out run a R1 or hayasua or the big 1000cc Ninja. I forget which motorcycle it was, but it was one of the "I wanna kill myself" pocket rockets.

                They were cruising, the motorcycle throttled and passed the car, then the supra just left the motorcyle.

                I have many doubts about the video, but it still would be sick to see a car with that kind of acceleration.
                D. R. H. ~alias~ doctaH


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                  The fastest car I have ever seen was a video with a Toyota AE86. Someone had installed the 3 rotor 20B engine, with probably a decent sized turbo. From a dead stop, it took 3 seconds for that car to disappear into the horizon. Insane.
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