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  • Remote booting

    How possible do you think it would to remotely boot a carPC? I would love to have it hibernate whenever I shut it down, then when I press a button on my keys come out of hibernation. Anyone have any ideas on how to? I mainly want to to virtually remove any wait for booting up. Then I would just have to make it auto mute before hibernation, so it doesn't begin playing music before I even reach the car.

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    If you use RR, the automute can be set by a variable in the ini, to set the default volume. Set it to 0.

    Then to remote boot it, did you want to use an existing keyfob button, or buy a seperate unit? How far away do you want to be able to do this?

    It can be done, and has been done many ways. Pretty much all involving pulse relays and diodes on the ignition line of the smart PSU to trigger it to turn on and off that way.
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      search......people do this a lot
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        if your alarm or remote starter has a trunk release button you can use that. Just hook the trunk release output to a relay that will close the circuit to your MB and boot or shutdown your system, or you can just set your M2 to do it when you remote start
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          Here's how I did it with my car alarm


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            Easy if you have got a car alarm, just tap on the output and get it to switch the mobo power jumper


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              there is actually a product for regular computers sold at that does this, perhaps you could find a way to mold it into your car or something like that.