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Another Victim of MP3playerstore.

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  • Another Victim of MP3playerstore.

    Ok guys i am serious, everyone should stay away from and any of their products..

    i purchased an indash dvd player..received it..forget dvd's, it didn't even read normal CD's. so i express shipped it to them the next day, sent a nice mail as a confirmation that the defective unit has been successfully shipped the very next day...

    Its been more than 2 weeks, no replies to any of my mails, no answer..When i call they just put me on HOLD for hours..

    So bascially they took my money and the player..

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    i cant get their page to load
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    In trouble...


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      If you haven't done so, add your complaints to
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Good luck with them.
        Sorry to hear another guy get screwed by those clowns.


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          A one-brand store. Curious.



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            Did you file a claim with your credit card company?


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              This place is a joke. It took them a month too send me my unit back after the first two didn't work. Oh yeah!! and they still needed me to send them $25.00. The stuff they sell should be giving away. They talk to you any kind of way on the phone and will not help slove ur problem. [B]Guys Stay away from the store.[ /B]


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                sorry to hear about your troubles. about a year or so ago I purchased headrest screens from them. had no problems whatsoever. i wonder if something has changed over there.....


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                  Always pay w/ credit card - if you have problems - call your cc company and get a charge back going... If you tell them your side and the other company doesn't respond you'll get your money back. If the company has too many charge backs, they will actually lose their merchant account!
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