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Looking for an opinion; usb or cigarette???

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  • Looking for an opinion; usb or cigarette???

    Hey, im installing a 7" lilliput into the stereo bay for my '84 supra, shown in picture below
    i cant decide whether to keep the cigarette lighter adapter or give myself access to 2 usb ports in the upper left opening shown, either one will let me charge my phone and thats the only thing i can really think i would need the adapter for, (well maybe that 500,000 cp halogen spot light i just found in my garage to shine on make-outers, idk)

    anyone want to help me out with this?
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    I'd choose for USB.


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      Why are you asking the forum membership?
      It's your ride. Only you know if you would get more use out of a cigarette lighter/power port or a USB port.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        There's plenty of nice big flat areas to throw some usb ports in that bezel. Put the acc socket back in and mount the usb ports between that and the ac switch.

        Everyones a winner
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          well unless you find a 500k candela spot light that is USB powered, I say... both!

          Give yourself 1 usb port, and put in a little molex connector too and wire th to your cig lighter wires. Then make a cig lighter to molex adapter so you can give yourself an adaptedr when needed but is very small when not.

          But really, as DP said, up to you.
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            defiantly both, dont get rid of your cigerette plug, because you will always need it if you do, ut having said that they can look ugly. i have the advantage of having it behind a swinging door with the other unsightly objects suh as ash trays etc