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dash bezel on 07' bmw 525

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  • dash bezel on 07' bmw 525

    does the bezel around the factory nav. screen simply pop out with only removing the 2 screws underneath the top lip of the bezel? its the same bezel as seen in this picture

    sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in, but couldnt find anywhere else suitable.

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    sure looks like it. Looks like the bottom just contains some tabs.


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      you have some guts pulling apart your new bimmer!

      I am just nervous though.
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        anymore diagrams like to take apart the bottom of the dash to gain access to +12, ignition, mount the new module etc... also, if i try to use a fm modulator to feed audio through the factory system, will the factory tuner even pick up the fm modulator, or is the factory am/fm tuner in the trunk?


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          you can have a go at looking at the site where i got the pic but I have no ideas myself.