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  • Evil P2P killing Bill

    EVIL Peer To Peer Bill In Congress
    For those of you who dont know , several Representitives are attempting to pass a bill that will have a profound effect on file trading. Evil Bill Regardless of whether you think the record industy is getting ripped off, or whether you are a freeloading kid, it doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is that this bill is not constitutional. It gives the RIAA and MPAA rights to pretty much do as they please in order to stop file sharing. There is stipulation in the bill that if any damage is caused , a MAXIMUM fee of $250 will be awarded. Lets say your a buisness , a large buisness . Someone in your company is using P2P at work , and the RIAA takes it upon themselves to try to stop that person. Lets just say that while attempting to thwart file trading , the RIAA inadvertantly takes down that buisnesses network. After months of arguing with the state attorney's office, the MAXIMUM that company will be awarded will be $250. Under DCMA , the comapny is acting as an ISP to the person , so they cant be charged/held acountable for that person's actions, even though they are an employee.

    I urge you all to call your congressman , Im a lazy **** , I woke up this morning at 10:00am , l walked over to my computer at 10:05, and called . It took 10 seconds for somoene to pick up the phone, and another 5 minutes to explain myself. I will list the major supporters of this bill , with their numbers , so I URGE you all to call and voice your opinoins, regardless.

    These names appear on the bill and hence support it

    Robert Wexler (202) 225-3001 South Florida
    Howard Coble (202) 225-3065 North Carolina
    Howard L. Berman (202) 225-4695 California

    You can find others on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property Subcommittee

    I apreciate your time. Together , we can kill this thing in its infintile stages.


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    That shows lots of non thinking on the gov and RIAA end. So now as a network admin I have to babysit all my users to make sure they don't download an MP3, I usually look on the servers since that takes up expensive storage space as well as additional files I have to backup, but I don't care if they have them on their workstations I don't back them up, just ghost them if I need to. We will now have the RIAA attempting to do scans into my network looking for music, attempting to trick users into downloading virus infected files through kazaa.

    Now think of the ISP's, they will have the RIAA trying to scan their users networks, tripping all their intrustion detection software, etc.

    Its bad enough that over 50% of the e-mail sent on the internet is now blocked at some level beacuse its spam, now we will have this crap.


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      Other things that have gone on lately that are just plain WRONG:

      If you hack a corporate network, the new MANDATORY sentence is: LIFE IN PRISON. This includes websites, since they are on a corporate network.

      If you expose a security risk in a corporation's software, you violate the DMCA, and face hefty fines/imprisonment.

      etc, etc, etc. Watch the first few minutes of "the screensavers" to find out all kinds of wrong stuff going down.
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        I'm not too worried about it. Any cheap NAT router (Linksys, Belkin, etc) will prevent any activity from the RIAA "hackers" including DoS attacks. These routers can be programmed to ignor ICMP packets, so they won't return or even acknowledge "ping of death" packets.

        So I guess this makes Windows built in file sharing illegal? That's why I hate the DMCA, but I doubt any self respecting judge would support it.
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          Yes you can filter their scans, but their scans still waste bandwidth. And thats additional waste on top of the all the e-mail getting blocked at some level, all the script kiddies trying their own portscans getting blocked. Your cable/dsl sepped will be down to the speed of 56k. Plus all the intrusion detection software at the ISP level will be tripped, the intrusion detection on the company firewall will go off, so ISP's and network admins will spend additional hours looking at the logs, trying to block the scans on top of the hours we waste on spam and script kiddies already. More of the little ISP's will go under and AOL will just get bigger.


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            Sorry, but the RIAA can stcik it where the sun dont shine. They have no authority over the UK at all, so if they F*** with my PC I shall F*** them in court.
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              There are some people who say that the DMCA can be interpreted in such a way that LOOKING at a web page could violate the DMCA.

              You are violating the DMCA right now, apparently.
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              Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
              I'M DEBT FREE!!
              I'm now a reasonably successful gunblogger.


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                All of you have valid concerns. No Representitive has any idea of whats going on in the internet world. If you check , most of them recieved HEFTY dontaitions made by the RIAA and MPAA. The ONLY way to stop this legally is to call up and ***** to your rep , it takes 3 seconds. We all obviously see how dumb the DMCA is , but do the representatives and senators? Hells no . They dont read our boards, or know anything about computers/internet. Thats why we have to call up and TELL THEM that they suck