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Very low power computer.

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  • Very low power computer.

    Sorry MP3Car, I didn't search this yet, but I haven't seen this mentioned before...

    I am looking for a very low power computer that doesn't do anything but interface to a serial port and a ethernet port. (NT5 or better preferred, but a FreeBSD or linux OS works too)

    The purpose being I wish to have a cellphone connected to the serial port, and have the computer constantly using the cellphone to maintain a connection to an AIM server. From there, the cellphone can contact my home computer and recieve directions for when it should turn on the main computer for short bursts (to update podcasts or whatever). However, the low power computer needs to be able to stay on constantly while the car is off for 30+ hours at a time, and still let the car crank.

    I was thinking of using a PDA, but I cannot think of a PDA which fits my criteria.
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    At work I use Soekris net4801 devices:
    Gen 1: Pentium 3 1GHz - ATX - 2005
    Gen 2: Pentium M 1.6GHz - ITX - 2006
    Gen 3: Pentium M 2.0GHz - 5.25" SBC - 2007
    Gen 4: (coming soon: Core2 Duo - 3.5" SBC - 2009) never ends