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Weird software problem

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  • Weird software problem

    I'm running a Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop in the trunk, powered by an inverter (I know, I know, dc-dc is better... I had one and it fried). I'm running a homemade start up controller.

    When the car is on ACC but not running, if RR is open and I start the car, winamp gives me a directx error message and the music stops. 88780078 is the code I believe. I used to have to restart the computer for it to work again. I put soundcard=02 in my rr.ini and now I don't have to restart the computer, I just have to click the OK button in the error dialog box and the music starts again. I also disabled my onboard sound and made my USB audio my primary, I updated my drivers and I changed the output section in my winamp prefs to the USB audio. Still having the problem. I'm running directx 9.

    If the computer is hibernated and I start the car, its fine.

    Thanks for the help. I've been searching and racking my brain for every possible solution and I'm turning to you guys as a last resort.


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    On your dell 1100 and lilliput. When you set your graphics to vga out or dual mode out did you ever have issues with not being able to see the pointer or the touch screen not work correctly on the lilliput?