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  • Getting Started Advice....

    OK, just thinking out aloud, trying to formulate an action plan etc. At this stage I'm thinking I have the following requirements from a 'puter :-

    Play MP3's
    Play CD Audio
    Play DVD's
    Play Divx/Xvid/AVI's etc
    Games (Optional)
    Removable/Portable for tinkering/upgrade etc (optional)
    Radio (I think I need a seperate Head Unit for this)

    I'm thinking along the lines of a laptop I have. It's an IBM Thinkpad R31. I have a docking station with it, so I would probably be looking towards installing the docking station into the car and have it hard wired etc, and have the R31 dock into it. I could have the power, sound, video, GPS, all wired up to the docking station. Could even put in a secondary keyboard and a trackball mouse somewhere......hmmm.... It could work. Has anybody else tried something similar? What would I need to integrate this with the car in terms of power supply etc? Would I need to get an amp to hook up the sound from the lappy to the car speakers? If so, would I be able to hook up a seperate head unit for radio etc to connect to the car's exeisting speakers simultaneously? Or am I better off scrapping the idea of the laptop and getting one of those in dash DVD/MP3/Divx/FM/TV Monitor thingys and using the laptop for GPS etc? If so, how do I get the GPS picture from the laptop to the monitor? Do I use the S-video out? many questions still to be answered..... but the ideas are-a-comin'.....

    ....BTW, what a great site this is. Lots of information, friendly people, even a large Ozzie contingent, which makes me feel right at home.....

    Cheers All....