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We Need More Usb Ports Captain!

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  • We Need More Usb Ports Captain!

    Arrrgggg! I just can't seem to have enough USB ports to make everything work!
    I have my mini keyboard, SILABS Radio, Touch Screen, GPS, DVD and 4 external slots.... Can anyone reccomend a good hub?

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    One with external power
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      Most powered USB hubs require 5v, which you can pull from your computer's PSU.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Or you can put a separate power supply in the front of the vehicle and power a couple hubs (depending on how many usb devices you need to run).


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          This is what I have:

          Battery powered USB hub. Even has a switch to turn battery mode on and off


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            From testing i've done to try and find a good hub chipset for OEM implementation, go with belkin. They use a cypress chip that supports MTT (multi transaction translator). Long story short, if you've got 3 usb 2.0 devices each running at different speeds (high speed usb and full speed usb) the MTT will allow each to work at it's given speed whereas most hubs end up splitting the bit rate among the 4 ports. The chip is more reliable and more specifically, when i tested it, i ran it with a 6.5" screen (streaming video over usb) and 2 other devices.