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  • Completed system

    Here are some pics of my completed system:


    The comp is the large black carpet covered box. Cyrix (read: HOT) CPU, 128mb RAM (when I find the other DIMM), 4GB hard drive. Lots of wires at the back! In the pics its wedged in behind my amp.

    The small plastic project box with the fan is my PSU built from maxim parts with onboard shutdown controller based on Jeffs design. The large grey thing sticking out to the right is the pot to adjust how long after ignition off the comp shuts down. I will hacksaw it off shortly so its not quite so long! PSU outputs 5v at 10amp, 12v regulated at 2amp, and 12v unregulated to drive the comp fans.

    Up front is my Kenwood 6.5" 16:9 display showing Cobra2 (gimme CobraIV), and Destinator GPS. Im using an X-10 mouseremote which is RF so I can keep the reciever in the back of the car.

    Tell me what you guys think.
    (=========-) 99% complete
    AMD K6/2 500 @ 450mhz to keep heat and power usage down, 64Mb, slim CDrom drive, 64mb USB pendrive for MP3 transfer, 10Gb 2.5" drive for MP3, USB>RS232
    All jammed in external CDROM drive case.
    Kenwood KVC-1000r In-Dash LCD. x-10 MouseRemote. Destinator V2 Gps. DC-DC with onboard Shutdown controller.

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    Looking good Phil!


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      Author of CobraI,II,III and now CobraIV.
      You can contact me on AOL instant messenger....nick is cenwesi or cenwesi3