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About to start new project for a BMW e39 - 1997

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  • About to start new project for a BMW e39 - 1997

    Hi, Firstly let me introduce myself, I am a newbie based in London I drive a BMW E39, currently undergoing a serious revamp.
    I now need to tackle the inside and deal with Audio and Video I have been reading posts here for sometime, learning and trying to get as much info as possible which has been valuable.

    Thank you to all...

    And now my questions apologies if most of this has been dealt with in the past...

    I will be putting in a standard apple g4 laptop, connected to a monitor in the front (7" or 8") not sure yet,

    I have been recomened to use one of these Alpine IVA-D105R or
    Kenwood KVT 729DVD

    I want to keep the car's full audio functionality and the standard BMW OBC data, but this is proving to be quite contradictory, as many are saying I would have to sacrifice the OBC data.

    Now my question is this,
    Can I install the monitor with a ISO adapter for the audio and another for the OBC port to keep the data? and plug it into a port on the monitor and simultaniously use the other av port to connect the mac?

    I also understand that the dash will need to be modified to accomodate the headunit, is this a very difficult modification due to the depth of the headunit?

    Thanks in advance for the help....

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    OK, first of all if those two units are as I suspect just apl video in then the computer display on the screen will be crap. What you really need to get is a proper VGA capable screen. Unfortunately at the moment there is no main brand name that does them.

    Have a look a for the screens they do.

    There have already been a few E39 installs done, so I would recommend you do a quick search for the related threads and have a good read through those.

    It wopuld also worht looking up the user Sama as he has an E39 and is also London based so might be able to give you loads of advice.

    Oh and IBUS is your friend as far as data from the car is concerned, not sure how much of the OBC data is available, but I have kept mine (E36) as I don't have IBUS.

    Good luck


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      thanks I will look up Sama if he does not mind.


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        hey ho. I got your private message.

        have a look at these two threads:

        also search around for ibus related stuff, as enforcer said, on here, and on digital-car. I've written loads about it here and there (so have many others of course). and feel free to ask anything you want at all.

        cool that you're in London. I'm based south of the river, Surrey/London.
        [BMW E46 ///M3 Convertible]

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          Thanks very much I will look up as much as possible, BTW I love what you have done with your e39, it is unique which is what I want to do creat a unique dash insert.
          I was going to leave the stanrd buttons, but I am not sure it would look cool and it would be difficult to wire the pc power button to the back where the laptop would be located.

          Anyway I better get reading thanks very much again. I want to start this weekend as there is a BMW meet next month and I need to get the car ready for that.