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  • What would you use?

    I'm a little torn on what I should do. I have some decent hardware laying around the house and I was wondering what you guys would do.
    I have a NEC Mobilepro 770, Sony clie PEG-UX50, and a Sony PSP.

    I'm thinking I'll just get an amp and do the rca to co-ax cable. Would that be too ghetto? The psp can play video and mp3's well, but it doesn't have a touch screen. I haven't tried the Clie for video but it plays MP3's, has Bluetooth, wifi, and has a nice touchscreen.

    The NEC has super limited support because of WinCE 3.0. I've got an mp3 player on it.

    Just curious what your thoughts are on what you would do considering i'm on a major budget and would like to use what i have now.

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    If you are molding it in your dash, then use the clie. Or are you planning on super ghetto "let it rest on the seat" style?
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      It wouldn't rest on the seat. My friend does professional fiberglassing so he'll make whatever I use look stock. Maybe i'll just mold the clie car charger base in and that would work well. The clie seems to be the most powerful device. I've got a little gps he's going to mold in too where the ashtray used to be.

      I've got my clie modded with appshelf. Mine looks like windows xp. here's a quick example skin.