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Solid state MP3 Players

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  • Solid state MP3 Players

    Looking for a solid state MP3 player with the following:

    4 GB capacity
    Line in recording
    FM tuner
    FM recording
    AA or AAA replaceable batteries
    Drag and drop file management
    Don't care about video capability

    Seems like newer players are moving away from these basic required features.

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    This is a site about installing computers in cars, despite what the URL of the site is. You may have better luck checking the reviews at to see if they can narrow down what you want.

    Good luck!


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      RE:Solid state MP3 Players

      I suggest you have a look at this model it’s using now by my brother in his own car. It has the most comprehensive function but reasonable price with good features….

      I especially like the surrounding sound effect, hope this fulfill your requirement.

      Good luck.


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        It may be hard to find all that in one unit. There's the Gemini iKey thing that records onto USB memory things in either WAV (uncompressed!) or MP3, runs off AA batteries or adapter. You could probably record directly to some thumbdrive player or other memory card using an adapter.