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some pics of my carputer

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  • some pics of my carputer

    here they are...feel free to give me some comments or idea's so i can improve my carputer thanks ... ..

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    All shiney and new looking!!!

    At least someone is making progress.
    I'll finish some year as soon as I stop being lazy...



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      My first impression was WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??

      My next thing was WHOA THAT IS COOL!

      That's a pretty nice looking case you've got there, god work!
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        Whoa! Looks like a cross between a 50's style toaster and an amp. Nice look though. Very original. What the heck did you make the case out of?


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          well i bought the computer from a friend who makes them,,,he made the case out of some type of alumimum, so it wont get very hot...the first time i saw it i thought it was a toaster


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            it says
            "The board is down for a db issue. Please check back soon...."

            it sounds cool though,
            I was also gonna make a aluminium case.
            but I think I'm gonna actually cover the case in auto trunk carpet.
            so that it looks stock, and like it came from the factory.



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              yeah same here