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1995 Elantra, is it OBD-1, 2, or ECM?

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  • 1995 Elantra, is it OBD-1, 2, or ECM?

    I have been trying to determine for the past few weeks what standard my onboard computer conforms to and I've had NO luck as there is very little really good information about these things on the net.

    I have a 1995 Hyundai Elantra 1.6L and based off what the shop manuals say (ebay kicks ***), I -think- it might be OBD-1 but I am not totally sure.

    Below is a link to a pic of what my connector looks like:

    Here are a few other pics of my manual that may be relevant.

    If this is some sort of OBD-1 signal, are there any code readers and/or software packages to provide Speed, RPM, Oil Temp, pressure, etc...?

    I know the net is jam packed with this stuff for OBD-2 but I have had trouble finding anything for my particular car.

    Any help appreciated.

    Lee Burton

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    I know for 94-95 GM cars they are OBDI and 96+ are OBDII. I know that pre-93 is neither.

    That connector is definitely not an OBDII connector. Looks like the pre-OBDI connector in my old 1993 Pontiac Trans Am.

    Here is a pic of an OBDII connector.

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      My 93 passat has OBD-I And there are even older cars that have even more limited, but still present OBD. OBD-I is a catch all for all types of on board diagnostics before OBD-II, in which there were no standards, so it was pretty free for all. Even with OBD-II, there are a number of fragmented languages, even tho the connectors are now the same. Usually broken up between Asian imports, European Imports, and Domestics.

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