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  • Legal Issues

    Interesting article today at:
    Of note in this is that some states are considering computers from front seat access. Don't know exactly which states are considering this, but I'm working up excuses already. "Why no officer - it's just a radio player" should do nicely.

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    lol in california the laws are pretty strict already. im not exactly sure on the legality of a car pc but a few of my friends have been pulled over with dvd players indash... real big ticket


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      My very easy solution.

      If I am pulled over, I simply bring my nav software up fullscreen. There is no way a cop could tell I have anything other then a legal Nav system.


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        Hmmm. Let me think if you are just to stupied to be playing a video game while driving or even trying to send an e-mail then you deserve to have your A-- pulled over and ticketed. But at the same time if I'm driving just fine and watching out for the DUMBA-- drivers that all around me then i should be able to watch and do whatever the hell i want to in my truck or car. It's just another goverment control thing. If i was speeding and or ran a light or something like that then yea I'm busted give me a ticket but don't look at my dash and say "oh what else you got going on in here" Blow me is what I'm thinking but i wouldn't say that to a cop becasue then just opens up a hole new problem. Like JAIL!!!.
        Working MP3Car Thread:


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          lol i kno there are some stupid laws. here in cali ive been pulled over for window tint a few times. and thats pretty stupid considering only my back windows r tinted and its completly legal. cops just like to powertrip on crap like that. i hooked a kill switch to my amp and screen. i get pulled over i just flip a swtich and im good.