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  • Vinyl Lettering?

    Im just currious as to where I should be looking to find vinyl lettering (im thinking about putting my website in litte 1.5" letters on the back window of my car), but all that i've been able to find at autoparts type stores look like lettering right out of smokey and the bandit, where as im looking for something more arial looking.

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    my google search came up with plenty of online sources, including which will give you instant pricing.

    but, generally, most local "signage/decal" (look in yellow pages in these sections) businesses can give you the same thing.


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      Try car shows, a lot of the show I've been to have a stand selling such messages to go in the back window, and alot will make custom ones for a small fee.
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          Me and my father work with that, tell me exactelly what you want: text, color, font type and mesurements (im mm or cm if possible) and i'll make them for you.