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  • So I'm no genius

    I am still planning my carputer and if you've seen the pics posted in this thread here you'll see what I'm talking about when I mention activity lights. I think that this is what they are called.

    Anyways since I am the proud owner of 2 Vaio laptops I no longer have a desktop computer. Why is this even significant? Because I don't have one to take apart to see just where those lights (led's)are wired and to what.

    If I wanted 3 leds to indicate:
    1) Power (on or off)
    2) HDD activity
    3) DVD ROM activity
    where would I wire them in? I'm at a loss here. Is it as simple as splicing them into the appropriate (and I don't know which would be) line?

    Thanks again!

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    Standard motherboards have header pins to connect for power and HDD activity, most optical drives have the LEDs on them (this was true even of my old Sony laptop, but not on my new Sager laptop)


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      I have the exact thing on mine

      Mobos have a header block.. 2 of the pins will be Vcc and Gnd for the LED.
      If you are lucky theres a IDE1 and a IDE2 (which I have) and I have dvd-rom on IDE2 and HDD on IDE1 (best way to do it!!!) just wire on your LED's to that
      as for power.. theres another 2 pin header for that

      if you have 1 Header for IDE activity, or both on one cable.. try this
      remove cover on CD/DVD-rom, unsolder the LED and solder on your wire.

      I have also extended my power buton with this, power button does hybernate/power on

      I used a FDD cable, cut it and soldered on my wired to that, and a bit of electrical tape over that.
      I have extended it from back to front with some Cat.5 cable.
      you can have a common cathode for all the LED's if you want.
      Duron 900/GF2 MX 440/550W inverter/5" TFT/2x16 LCD/80 gig/256M/lots of messy wires and electrical tape