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pc won't boot up

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  • pc won't boot up

    Guys i need some help. Just recently got my carputer up and running and now it has a fault.
    The message is saying it has missing or corrupt files.
    windows\system32\config\system. It suggests using a set up cd with windows xp pro and fixing it that way. Great idea but i don't have a cd as this pc came installed like this with no backup disc.
    Any ideas welcome

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    Tried booting it in safe mode?


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      How do you do that?


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        its usualy F8 while the computer is booting up

        if the computer came with XP pre installed, it more than likely has another partition with the restore already on it just waiting to be used. most companies are getting away from sending out disks with their systems...
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          go to any local computer store and ask for a windows xp pro oem cd. they'll give ya a copy (but no license) for usually just the cost of the cd.

          run the cd and try running recovery console ... if you cant access your system via safe mode.

          if you'd like more info, a good place to search for a solution would be at and search that error message you're getting. you'll find detailed instructions on how to solve your problem.

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            Thanks guys, i guess i will need to plug in a keyboard then since i have no control with the touch screen while it's trying to load up.