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  • Dual Monitor DVD software

    I have a dual monitor video card. I have it set to clone the monitor to play one in the trunk the other in the dash, showing the same thing. but if I play a DVD movie, it is black on one screen and shows fine on the other. Anyone know of any software that will allow it to show on both monitors??

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    there should be a setting in the driver software that will do that....which video card do you more familiar with if thats your card, i can help, if its nVidia, ill have to google
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      yeah, its the nVidia 5200 I have the video set to clone. I've been using WMP 11 to play the video with. works great on one screen, but the other plays black only.


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        If you don't need the second screen for anything else, or aren't fussed about the other screen displaying your regular carputer stuff, best bet is to just have a splitter coming off of the one Video Out, and running to both screens.
        I can't quite remember the specifics of how this issue comes about, but it's a Windows thing, rather than videocard/driver specific from memory.