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Project Grand Cherokee... Nixed by a drunk

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  • Project Grand Cherokee... Nixed by a drunk

    Well I'll not be starting my grand cherokee project anytime soon. I was parked on the street today having lunch with a client and we heard what appeared to be a wreck outside... but we continued having lunch as wrecks downtown aren't any new thing...

    ... until over the little PA thing they asked if the owner of a silver grand cherokee and a red celica could come to the front. So myself and an older woman ran up beacuse, you guessed it... it was our vehicles involved. Some drunk (yes drunk at noon) ran into them.

    The officer said he must've been going about 30 or 40 when he pretty much broadsided my car and shoved it up into her celica, because my jeep was pretty screwed up. I'll get some pics when I head out to the lot where it was towed.

    I had that thing 3 weeks.

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    that sucks, have you talked to Insurance yet? Do you think they'd declare it totaled, or pay for repairs? Either way, having a brand new car destroyed so quick really sucks.

    I'm about to buy a 94-96' Grand Cherokee LTD, and plan to get some LCD action going.



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      Bummer man.

      Don't give up though, and don't let the insurance companies bully you around. Even if you haven't talked to a lawyer, let the insurance company think you are, they tend to respond better.


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        Man that sux and I was really looking forward to project jeep
        - 3+ years & still no carputer!
        - Done collecting parts
        - Currently planning setup


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          Oh I really don't think the insurance will be a problem. The thing has to get totaled. The frame has to be screwed up. If they don't total it, I'm bound to be driving sideways. Ahh.... I think they'll total it (fingers crossed).

          So I guess it'll be a rental for a few weeks.. I can still get to work on the faceplate and such. Building the actual PC and what not. I am still a few componenets short though. Mainly a Xenarc, but that should be on it's way soon.

          Skipmann if you get a chance let me know where to see those pics. Thanks!


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            First, sorry to hear about your ride DDT. That's sucko!

            As for the pix. I was going to code the web page last night but my mom's freaking PC tossed the hard drive so I spent my whole night (like till 11) fixing it. That's what sucks about knowing computers. Anytime someone you know has a computer problem, off you go to fix it.

            I'll fire up Front-Page and kick out the pic's tonight.


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              yo I know the feeling. I'm my family's tech support. Do you know how frustrating it is trying to talk to people who don't know a damn thing about computers from 1500 miles away? It's no fun. I don't see how those tech support guys do it.

              ... and I saw a chevy trailblazer yesterday... sorta turned my head. Maybe they should total it and give me a trailblazer...

              I'm so indecisive. I'll probably stick with the GC though. That was an awesome ride. RIP sweetheart.


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                THEY TOTALED IT!!!!


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                  Originally posted by ddt
                  THEY TOTALED IT!!!!
                  What do you mean by that???? would you have been allowed to keep it for spare parts??? (I'm thinking Dash, etc) if you got the same type of car again it could be usefull. .
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                    ****ty dude....3 weeks I was worried when I took my Wrangler off the lot, not brand new a 97, but the newest car I had ever owned. Luckily nothing major has happened, but god that has to suck!

                    Tech supports, god we drink a lot, that's about it! I get callers all the time who switch from a mac to a winblows and they are like "what do you mean right click?" Those are those "ID 10 T" (ID10T) errors. Half the people on my AIM list only message me for one thing, comp help, I say $50/hour, $100/hour on the weekends.

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                      Man, I got to the office at 07:00 yesterday. Didn't leave until 19:00. Two guys stopped me on the way out the door to ask me to help there customers.

                      DSL on WinXP is a cake walk. Why couldn't my co-worker do it himself? Sheash!

                      Configuring a LinkSys router is also a cake walk. Just go to LinkSys's web site and download the freaking PDF already!

                      Back to the OT. Well DDT, I hope that is what you wanted. That's what I would want. They're probably going to cut you a check for more than you paid for it. More parts that way.


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                        I suppose it's what I wanted after the idiot hit me. Not before!!!


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                          ddt, they should pay you full Blue Book value. Check out (Kelley Blue Book site) to get an idea of what you should be receiving.


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                            Originally posted by THEMP3KID

                            What do you mean by that???? would you have been allowed to keep it for spare parts??? (I'm thinking Dash, etc) if you got the same type of car again it could be usefull. .
                            The insurance company keeps the remains of the car, and gives you the money it would cost to replace it.

                            Often it is possible to buy the wreck back off the insurers, for a few hundred, but with alot of cars there's no real point.

                            It's only really worth it if something like a Cobra get's written off, as you can buy a normal Stang for a lot less than a Cobra, then transfer over the Cobra's engine, box brakes, interior etc, and esencially build a Cobra for a lot less than it would cost to buy one.
                            And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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                              I'll be getting enough back to pay it off and put about $6K down on this bad boy.

                              I drove her home today!