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The plans for my setup

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  • The plans for my setup

    This is what I'm thinking

    I already have the HDD, the tv tuner, the WLAN card, the GPS, The 2.4 antenna, the tv antenna and fm modulator, fiberglass stuff, and bondo. The PSU will be on it's way shorly and the mobo is still up in the air (suggestions?) .

    How does this look? I'm new at this and am just trying to get it all down on paper before I start. Am I missing anything?

    I want
    Touchscreen (or course)
    GPS/Nav Capabilities
    DVD playback
    The ability to update stuff via the internet
    and TV channels

    I'l be running netstumbler for the wireless lan capabilities for those who are familiar with it.

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    what additional hardware (besides the camera) would I need for a rearview camera?


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      nothing as long as you got the xenarc witht the three video inputs!

      Sounds like you have everything together except for a power source (dc atx power or inverter)
      Shuttle SV-24 (Plexiglass case)
      5 Gig Laptop HD (Now Dead)
      256 Ram
      466 Celeron (1 Gig Toasted)
      7" 16:9 touchscreen LCD
      Firewire Slot Load DVD
      700W Inverter (Power to spare)
      Monster Cap
      Sproggy Shutdown Controller
      Custom Fiberglass Console (Idea Junked)

      Still Need: GPS, and some kick a@# software!


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        I'm getting the Opus DC-DC PSU

        Thanks for the heads up on the Xenarc...

        now on to getting a fat insurance check.


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          Couple of things.

          1.) The Camera

          Depends on what kind of camera you're using. You can use a cheesy USB webcam for the same effect, thus going through your USB port. Or you can see my overall suggestion below.

          2.) The Motherboard

          This is what I'm doing so take it with a grain of salt. I'm going with a Via C3 800Mhz motherboard. The PCI slot on it will take a dual PCI riser card. I'm going to run a ATI All-In-Wonder 128 PCI video card. That takes care of your DVD, Video Input, and TV Tuner needs. I'm also going to be running a Hercules Fortissimo II soundcard. That has nothing to do with your setup. You could then run a small ultraviolet camera to the compost input on your AIW. Saves you a few dollars on the Xenarc. In addition, since you would be using a UV camera, rear lighting at night is no issue. It will be a grayscale image, but you really don't need color for this application. In addition, since it's running THROUGH the computer you can keep WinAMP up and the rear view. Just run it in 800x480 mode.

          3.) The PSU

          How much is that PSU going to cost you?


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            The PSU? $189... I know, but it offers everything I want.

            Dual PCI riser card? I have to be totally honest and tell you I don't know what that is. I'm assuming it's an adapter of sorts letting you run 2 PCI cards while utilizing only 1 slot. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

            The thing that concerns me is using regular sized PCI cards as overall heigth is an issue. Is there any sort of cable/adapter that would allow me to put the PCI cards parallel to the motherboard as opposed to perpendicular?

            **** ADDED******

            Also where would I get one of these dual PCI riser cards? I"m finding a lot of stuff, via google, that supports them, but not the hardware itself.


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              We just had a thread about them over in the Gerneral Hardware forum. They DO put the cards parallel to the motherboard. Check it out.