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Stereo MP3 not 4ch

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  • Stereo MP3 not 4ch

    Ok, not sure if I got this in the right area but here goes:
    I just re-installed my CarPC and this time used winamp 2.95 (instead of the most recent) and now I can only get sound from my front speakers (channel 1 & 2) instead of 4ch audio. Can anyone suggest anything to fix this. I can't remember if this was something specific to winamp or if it's in my sound card settings.


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    Probably in the Sound Card settings.

    Do other media (DVDs, for example) play through the rear channel?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Not sure about other media. I've been having heat problems with the car. That's what prompted me reloading the system for the heck of it. I just reloaded base programs (RR, winamp, device drivers, etc) to see if it would still overheat after changing the power supply. Mostly right now I'm testing to see if it was the power supply was overheating, but part of me wonders if the integrated sound systems were working double-time to duplicate stereo into quad. I will have to load a dvd player and try that out.


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        In winamp, set the ouput to directsound. Also is your computer setup for 4 speakers through your sound drivers?


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          I believe I'm set for direct sound, in winamp and yes I'm set up for 4 speakers. I found that a video did play over all 4 as did the test audio for the sound card.