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New Car! Need Some Expert Advice!

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  • New Car! Need Some Expert Advice!

    Hi guys,

    I have been out of this for way to long, the last time I had a carpc was back in 2001, It was a california highway patrol computer converted in a 7 series bmw. Anyhow lets get back to the topic.

    I just picked up a volvo s60 this weekend and I live in las vegas, nv where its hot as hell during the summer. We have been getting 115-120 deg days. And I need some advice on how to keep the heat down putting a system in.

    At first I was thinking of a complete car pc, but I also do have a Samsung Q1 UMPC left over from a contract that I dont use anymore. I was thinking about the possibility of creating a custom indash docking station for the unit. Trying to get the basic requirements figured out, navigation, music, etc. I also have a 3g router with a monthly unlimited plan for Evdo, and I was playing with some ideas of possibly creating a mobile wifi access point to power the umpc and any other wifi devices while on the road. Of course I dont want a constant drain from my battery so I was thinking about a possible dc switch in the front console to turn the router and any other devices on in the trunk.

    Pretty much right now just brain storming. Trying to come up with some good ideas and a solid plan before I start ripping things apart.

    Thnx for the support and input, as I can see already some great people on these forums and much has changed since I was digging in it a few years ago.


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    still nothing?


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      Have you been doing your research?
      Have you looked at the FAQs here?
      Have you looked in the SOYP forum for ideas?

      It isn't our job to plan your system. You're in a brainstorming phase, which is good. The next step is to come up with a solid plan, which should include hardware, software, wiring, connections, as well as the overall goal of your system.
      We can't make your plan for you, but we can point out pitfalls and hurdles and flaws in your plan, and suggest alternatives to make your plan work.

      Your original post didn't ask anyone anything, but merely stated that you were brainstorming. How are we supposed to respond to that?
      We're not mind readers, so we have no idea what your plan is, other than the generalities that you laid out in your original post.

      I will say this...
      Fabricating a docking station in the dash for a laptop is easier said than done. It's wholly impractical, at the very least. It's quite probably not possible to pull off and look decent at all. There's less room in the dash than you think, even for a UMPC.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        Well if you want to use the Q1, then do so, but in my opinion something like that is sort of bulky and ghetto. Unless you are really good with fabrication that is, because a goosneck mount will never look good. If you are stuck on the laptop/mobile option, then I would sell the Q1, buy a little laptop off eBay with a broken screen, and then a 7"/8"/10" screen for the dash. Being in nevada, you get sun. lots and lots of sun. So take a look at the transflective. The mp3car store and Motorcity are the only places to find transflective small screens, sold to the public in quantities of 1. Believe me, everyone has tried.

        So you can dockthe laptop in the car, but the screen will always be nice and fabricated in.

        The usual question for a laptop install would be "how do you expect to turn it on". Well you have to solder something to the power button leads, or you will actually have to turn it on each time. Sure it is just an inconvenience, like when you loose the remote to your TV, but we are used to these conveniences and when it is installed and you have to trudge down to whereever you hide the laptop and turn it on and get back in, you will think "and I paid how much for this?!". So soldering=good.

        If you go the mobile desktop route, that is a whole different story, but I prefer it.
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