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Load XP Pro from USB Drive???

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  • Load XP Pro from USB Drive???

    Just curious if anyone has tried/done this. I ordered a slim cdrom drive with my mobo/case/etc, but didn't order the adapter cable. I thought emailing the MP3 car store minutes after ordering requesting they add this to the order (order was placed at 10pm) would be good enough to have this added before it shipped. Still haven't heard back from them, and I already have all my stuff...

    Anyway, I really only need the cd drive to load windows (for now). Could I do this from a usb drive? I'm running a Jetway J7F21G5D mobo. I've heard of people booting off a USB drive, but don't remember hearing of this being done. Thanks!<br /><br />

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    You'd need to make your USB device bootable with a command-line OS (I use Win98, but choose your own) and have the entire WinXP installation CD copied to the USB device.

    Tell me this...
    Are you attempting to install WinXP on the PC after it's installed in your ride?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      No but I'm in the military and TDY right now, so my resources are limited. I don't have any 12v power (or a 120v p/s) to connect inside. Looks like it may have to be a "tactical install" from inside my vehicle. Unfortunately, I will have to pull it all out again when I get my adapter cable.

      Is there a good tutorial somewhere on making the usb drive bootable? The only thing I found was saying I needed to load usb drivers via a floppy drive (which I don't have either).