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    see below
    absolutely perfect
    minor glitches that are noticable but require no action
    minor glitches that require occasional action/repair
    I'm afraid to shut it off when I finally get it working somewhat
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan

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    is it perfect?

    how many here have a completely bug free car pc? Mine runs good but once in a while the touchscreen doesn't respond (reboot to fix), the gps doesn't resume sometimes (unplug usb cable for 5 seconds to fix), There's a few other minor occasional issues which are easy to correct and overall I'm very happy with my setup. The minor bugs are easy to live with, besides, how can anything with Microsoft in it be totally glitch free?

    My problem now is my wife wants a car pc. She will not tolerate these minor annoyances. Getting a system to run perfect can take a considerable amount of time, I choose to live with a few glitches instead of spending sometimes days researching a fix.

    So, I was wondering how everyones rigs are running so I'm taking a poll
    Chris Krug
    owner, turbine minivan


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      Well...Mine is sort of 100% bug free until something goes wrong, and when it goes wrong, it is way wrong.

      Since I moved the PC to the trunk, I have had no problems. Before the trunk I had this mysterious hang when I would get out of the car. I finally figured out that the airbag system was using the same grouding bolt I was, and every time I got out of the car, the weight sensor would screw the ground for a bit and it would hang. I could not figure it out until then so before I got out of the car, I would put it into standby.

      Before that, my screen refused to display (and still to this day wont) 800x600. 640x480 and 1024x768 work fine though which is odd.

      Basically when it is up an running I get maybe 1 freeze/hang a month. Usually relating to a very hard brake, huge pothole (colorado), big speed hump (the kind that are on the road not the parking lot, and unmarked so you hit them at like 35mph... yeah, it sucks). But I am a delivery driver. 5 hours of driving at night delivering and x2 45 minute commutes daily minimum to university.

      No USB problems. I would say just as reliable as my old HU. Every now and then my HU would start doing the skipping sound where it would repeat a sound bite over and over and over forever until you smacked it really hard and then it would go. So I am happy with my CarPC.
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        please reply in the other "is it perfect" post, I screwed up trying to make a poll. Maybe the mods can move your reply there and delete this thread
        Chris Krug
        owner, turbine minivan


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          Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
          How about the Wiki?

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            I'd say keep the install simple and the program load light and she should be fine. Front end, winamp and a gps program should satisfy most simple users.

            Fewer apps running, fewer problems seems to be the rule. I also do a full shutdown and startup each time. Seems to avoid most usb and screen "glitches". So I have to wait and exta 20 secs, big deal. I don't have to unplug things and frig with the os hardly ever. Winamp occationally has an aneurism for some reason though. A good solid mounting method for the case also solved quite a few problems for me.

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              i just put in a better mobo/proc, and now i can officially say its running perfectly, at least til i decide to add something else to it