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Hahha - Duh - Newbie Mistake?

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  • Hahha - Duh - Newbie Mistake?

    Sooo... I finally got my CarPC hooked up and working in the car. Finishing some last minute stuff, and I'll have pics for you all soon. (The link in my sig does have some first-boot pictures.)

    Anyway, on to my story... I'm so excited, and decide to spend the night working on the system. Primarily, syncing the CarPC with my portable hard drive (MP3's). I'm doing that, listening to music, configuring some options, yadda yadda.

    All the sudden, my radio cuts out, back in, out back in... On and off like that. I panic, hit the kill switch for my system, shut off the power to the car. Begin working to find the issue... About an hour into troubleshooting, I decide I'm done for the night, I'll finish diagnosing tomorrow. Go to start the car, and NOTHING.

    Duh. Time got the best of me. I check the clock, and I had been playing around with the CarPC on, with the car in "accessory" for about three hours. Heheheh, whooooops.

    One quick jump-start from my other car, and I'm back in business. Man, did I feel like a n00b.

    Interestingly enough, the CarPC never skipped a beat. I'm running the M2-ATX, and it was up and running throughout the whole incident (at least until I hit the kill switch). The radio I'm using must have some sort of watchdog circuit that cuts it off at a certain voltage threshold, and I must have been teetering on that threshold to make it cut in and out like that.

    So is 3 hours about right to go from full to flat on a battery?

    See ya!

    Hardware and Software [#####] DONE!
    Fabrication [#####] DONE!
    Installation [#####] 99.314% (I like Pi! The project is never done.)

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    There really isnt a set time. It varies from system to system. It depends what amp you have, volume of the music, usb devices plugged in, what cpu you have, if you have a 2.5" or 3.5" drive, or anything else.

    So now you know your limit. I hope you have a deep cell battery because it wont last 3 hours next time.
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