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putting vinly on speaker box

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  • putting vinly on speaker box

    is tehre a strategy to putting vinyl on a speaker box?? i canst seem to do it without the wrinkles.. i have thie regular box with a whole for the speaker but how do i upholster the box without all the wrinlkes.. which side do i start?? is there a tutorial somewhere with pictures?

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    vinyl is way harder to put on than say carpet so you are going to have trouble regardless.... you need high strength spray glue to wrap it with and it sometimes helps to heat it up with a hairdryer to get it more stretchy and flexible, the seems are also super hard to line up right it almost impossible unless you are stitching it

    just use carpet its the best way to go


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      carpet is waay better.
      looks waay better in the end.

      vinyl is a major pain...did it a few times.
      you need to figure out what way it streches...some only 1 way some 2.

      then use a contact adhesive but put the 2 halves together a few minutes early..
      this will give you a bit more work time but you will need to put weights on the starting edge.
      you can push out the bubbles with some major elbow grease....i used to do 1 face at a time.

      but carpet is way easier...or bondo the edges to make them look perfect then prime and paint....that works too.
      but to carpet and put in the trunk is pretty much best
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        couple other tricks i have learned ....

        w/ the right vinyl you can peel off the cotton backing and that will allow the vinyl to stretch far more and much easier (also rip easier so be careful!)

        the other trick if you are doing the work at home is throw the vinyl in a pillow case and in the dryer for a bit before starting that way it heats up, from there keep it warm w/ a heat gun while you stretch it in place.

        vinyl works best if you are doing things like cover panels for the box though, not sure what your system looks like, but if you wanted to wrap a normal box, i would concentrate on doing just the face, and make some other cover panels for the rest of the box.