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Laying out my system, could really use some advice

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  • Laying out my system, could really use some advice

    I am in the process of gathering everything up to install my carpc. I already have my computer (see below for specs), wireless keyboard and Sirius satellite modification kit.

    I’m planning on using a Lilliput 8” is the a good touch screen and how is the readability?

    After reading many Threads on here, I’m planning on getting the iGuidance 4.0 for my nav. Where is the best place to get that? Does MP3Car sell it?

    I’m really having problems with my audio and I could really use a recommendation here. I was looking at the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Roadie USB audio adapter but after doing more research I’m not sure it will work any better than their Audio Advantage micro . I would really like two sets of outputs (front and back) but if I cannot get that, then that’s fine. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should use or which one is better?

    (My audio system: (1) KX600.4 amp driving (4) 6x8 Kickers with 1” tweeters, (2) KX1200.1 amp driving (4) L5 Dual Voice Coil 12’s)

    • Automotive grade PC enclosure
    • Tough design with 5.5mm black anodized extruded aluminum
    • Integrated case fan for proper cooling
    • Four integrated mounting feet/tabs for installation onto any flat surface
    Dimensions & Weight
    • 8.4"(W) x 10.1"(D) x 2.25"(H)
    • ~4lbs
    Operating Temperature & Humidity
    • -10 to 60 Degrees Celsius (14F-140F)
    • Third party testing shows capable of -40C (-40F) cold starts.
    • 0% ~ 93% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
    Audio Subsystem
    • VIA VT1617A 6 channel AC’97 Codec
    • Full Duplex 3D Stereo Sound
    • Software AC '97 Audio CODEC
    • 3 Audio jacks: line-out, line-in and mic-in (Smart 5.1 Support)
    VGA & Video
    • Onboard Video, with full Motion Video Acceleration, Hardware MPEG2
    • Motion Playback at 30 fps.
    • Integrated VIA Unichrome AGP graphics
    • MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 Decoding Accelerator
    • Standard 15 Pin CRT Monitor Connector up to 1280x1024x24
    • S-Video & Composite Video Output Connectors (NTSC/PAL)
    Input & Output Ports
    • (1) RJ-45 LAN port
    • (1) PS2 mouse port
    • (1) PS2 keyboard port
    • (1) Serial port (external)
    • (1) Serial port (internal)
    • (2) USB 2.0 ports (external)
    • (3) USB 2.0 ports (internal)
    • (1) D-Sub 15 VGA port
    • (1) RCA composite video port
    • (1) S-Video port
    • (1) 1394 Firewire port
    • (3) Audio jacks: line-out, line-in and mic-in (Smart 5.1 Support)
    • (1) Molex wiring harness connector with power, ground, ignition hot.
    • VIA VT6103CL 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
    Operating System & Software
    • Windows XP™ Pro OS Pre-Loaded
    • Digital Dash Car PC Software Front-End
    • VIA C7™ 1.5ghz NanoBGA embedded processor
    • 133mhz FSB
    • Low power consumption (<15W)
    • 1024mb (1gb) DDR2 533 RAM
    Hard Disk
    • 80gb 2.5" Mobile Laptop Drive
    • 5400rpm rotational speed
    • Mounted on rubber-shock absorbing dampers
    • High non-operating shock tolerance by load / unload technology
    • FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) motor for ultra silent operation
    • Vibration Operating 9.8m/s2 { 1.0G } (5 to 500Hz)
    • Shock Operating 1,960m/s2 { 200G } 2ms
    Optical Drive
    • Optional Slim Slot Loading External Firewire DVD/RW+ Combo
    System Board
    • VIA CN700 North Bridge Chipset
    • VIA VT8237RP South Bridge
    • Embedded Motherboard
    • Award 4 MB Flash ROM
    • 240pin DD2 DIMM socket w/locking mechanism
    • Wake-on-LAN
    • Keyboard Power-on
    • Timer Power-on
    • System power management
    • Power failure recovery
    Power Supply
    • Intelligent Vehicle Power Supply
    • ATX, 6-24V wide input range
    • Intelligent shutdown controller, powers on and off with ignition.
    • ON/OFF motherboard control
    • Survives vehicle engine cranks
    • Battery deep discharge prevention
    • High efficiency, 90 watts output
    • Works with 12V / 24V car batteries
    • "Anti-Thump" Amplifier remote control
    • 10A automotive fuse (mini-blade)
    Expansion Slots
    • (1) PCMCIA Slot - CardBus Type I & Type II
    • (1) Compact Flash Slot
    Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.

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    I'm kicking myself for not getting a transflective screen. I had already spent more than I wanted on my system and I felt that being up here in the Pacific Northwest I wouldn't have too much direct sunlight causing problems. I was wrong. Even fully overcast days wash out my screen (Xenarc, but similar). I think the screen is the most important part of the system because it what everyone sees and interacts with. Being in TX, with much more sunlight, I would strongly suggest a transflective screen if you can swing it.

    I think iGuidance is a good choice. Works really well for me. I think I got it from buygpsnow, or something like that, bundled with the GlobalSat USB GPS receiver. It was over a year ago, though.

    I started off with the TurtleBeach Roadie, but had problems with it. First of all, it's not true quadraphonic sound. The rear channels don't have any bass. I also didn't have a good way of adjusting the fade anyway. Also I noticed some pops and crackle in music every so often. So I ditched it and just used my onboard audio, running the stereo output to both front and rear. Fuller sound, and no pops and crackles. Also less bulk and frees up a USB port.

    Click in my sig for a writeup on my system. Hope it helps.
    My setup: Hummer H3, iBase MB899, Intel Core Duo, RR, iGv3, DSATX, Mechatroniks chassis, 41Hz AMP3


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      Thanks for the advice Jeff. I really appreciate it.
      Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.


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        I can nearly 2nd the transflective screen.

        I haven't bought mine yet, because of all the research I've done, it seems like it's a mistake not to buy it. There are a few cars/installs that would never need it. These cars are where the screen is very low on the dash area (closer to the shift/base).

        An example is the WRX I believe. My buddy who got me into this scene never had an issue with glare/sun, because the sun didn't shine that low. Next time you are driving, look where your screen will be, and see if you have any direct sunlight shining on that area. If so, very very good chance you will need transflective.

        I think I read that mp3store is shipping them now, but you will have to call to check. If so, they are about $699 and mp3store has great customer service (check some other threads for feedback).

        Motorcity is also shipping them (and others). You can contact them for the latest prices, as they sometimes vary.


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          I'm going round and round on the screen. My deadline for this story is fast approaching and I need to get this done. If you look at this thread about the 3m films, I might be able to get a cheaper screen and make add the films to improve visibility.

          On my truck, the sun doesn't hit my dash much at all. My truck isn’t set up like a car with a huge windshield that racked back. The truck is cab forward but the windshield ends a few inches after the dash. I was thinking about insetting the screen a 1/2" to Ύ” to help reduce direct sunlight even more.

          If that isn’t enough I was thinking about adding a fat limo tint strip across the top of the windshield to help reduce the sunlight.
          Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.


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            I'm very familiar with the 3m thread, but you need to look at prices, work, and results.

            As stated, you may not need a transflective. Why I'm torn is this:

            The Xenarc from mp3store is about $388. The transflective from motorcity is $700 ($312 more).

            The Lilliput is $250 from mp3store, the transflective from motorcity is $499

            In the 3m thread, you see the amount of work, the dust issue, the potential for breaking, and the inconsistent results.

            Taking in all those factors, and I'm leaning towards snagging the $699 or the $499 transflective from motorcity.

            I have all the films (except the DBEF which I'm still waiting for). I'm torn in the sense that I don't want to pay about 50% the cost of the transflective, do a lot of work, or possibly screw it up, when over the next couple years, I'm wishing I just dished out the little extra money and did it right from the start.

            You might not need one, but if you do, you'll wish you had bought it...every day till you do.


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              What really is the difference between the transflective and non? Is it the films inside, type of material used, ???

              Does anyone know?
              Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.


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                I'm not 100% sure myself, and someone else may be able to answer better...

                I believe there is an internal upgrade with films, similar to the 3m process. However, this is done with unknown films, and in clean rooms (Class 1000) so that there is no dust inside.

                There is also the "touchscreen upgrade". What I understand, is this is an actual replacement, since standard touchscreens have a washout effect. So the upgraded touchscreen has more visibility, and AR coating.


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                  Hey guys, which one do I need?
                  which one? I don't want bluetooth, I'm fine with usb, but there seems to be a lot of different usb receivers. how do I know which one I need?
                  Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.


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                    Is this the one I need

                    Sorry about my ignorance. I know enough to get myself into trouble but not much more than that.
                    Ford F-250 Crew Cab Super Duty. Looking to install a full audio/video system integrated with a mobile computer.


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                      Yes, that's the GPS I got and am pretty happy with it. Note I did need to put it on the roof to get the best performance. I tried having it in my dash, which worked somewhat, but when I came to a stop it would show me spinning around on the map. Putting it on the roof works beautifully.

                      Regarding the 3M upgrade... I wasn't too impressed with the results I saw in that thread. It seems the touch screen layer still causes a lot of glare. That's the key difference, is that the transflective has a touch screen with much less reflectivity. I think it is an interesting prospect for those of us who already have non-transflective screens and want to achieve some minor improvement, but not when starting from scratch. Note that my Hummer H3 also has a vertical windshield that is far forward and "gun slit" windows all around, most of them tinted. I also thought this would mitigate my need for glare reduction, but it was a big mistake. Somehow the light finds its way in and bounces around my light beige interior. Perhaps if you have a dark interior that might help a lot. I was hesitant to spend the extra money because I had no idea how this project was going to turn out... if it was even going to be usable or would an aftermarket system be much better. It turned out better than I could've imagined and I love it, but the only problem is that it is barely visible during the day.
                      My setup: Hummer H3, iBase MB899, Intel Core Duo, RR, iGv3, DSATX, Mechatroniks chassis, 41Hz AMP3