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  • Opel/Vauxhall Astra GTC

    I just bought this car - it is now time for a carputer

    The problem is the dash is not really standard by design.

    Here is a picture:

    The location of the board computer display is too small to fit a 7" toucschreen inside. Monting where the Cd-player is - its too low to use safely. I am thinking of not mounting the display indash.

    What do you guys think?
    PS: I have searched the fabrication and haven't found any Astra GTC project. I googled it too - and found some projects, but they put the used the CID (which is bad quality for a carputer) as a display - no touchescreen, mouse for nav.
    Car: Astra GTC 1.6 (115hp), Cosmo (leather intrior, alloy rims)
    Carputer Progress: 0%

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    perfect install

    You just can't imagine how perfect it looks like in the new dash.
    It hapens that I'm a big fan of the New Astra H and already studied some installs.
    Check this on our friends russians' site:
    I translated this already.
    Good luck!

    PS: I just realized we're from the same country!


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      Is it a touchscreen 7" - that is what I am interested in, and from what I can tell the height of the opening is too small to fit one in. I am not interested in hacking the dashboard of my brand new car yet.
      Thanks for the reply though... the users here don't understand that this isn't a regular dash design, and there aren't many carputer projects for Astra H - they just assume I was too lazy to search around
      Car: Astra GTC 1.6 (115hp), Cosmo (leather intrior, alloy rims)
      Carputer Progress: 0%


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        I know it isn't the same size, but as I understood, they trimmed another frame to fit the LCD screen.
        What is the opening to the front? Height of the fascia...


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          I know that car (that's my photos), so can answer any questions.

          The "opening to the front" is unbroken. Yes, inner thin-plastic frame is modified. It was not very easy cause originally that car was equipped with the smallest stock display. The navigation-version-frame is closer to 7in result (GM 62 36 652). Also the embergency light button is modified for lower the "floor" of frame. Stock monitor is remounted to the seiling and CAN-wires was extended without any problems.

          There is an idea (if you need larger display) to use plastic cap from zafira. It is similar design and place for central channel for 5.1

          Hereis the ways for different monitor implantation:
          1. Stock yellow-black - is suitable only in trashbin.
          2. 6,5 800x480 - very difficult to find/compose but fits the stock navi-frame of $10
          3. 7' 800x480 - most popular carputer formfactor, but required some works on dash fabrication.
          4. 8,4 800x600 - most quality native-resolutioned monitor, require serious fabrication work.

          ?Does anybody see 6,5 bright lcd-touch 800x480 142x79mm? I've found sharp and auo, but there is not datasheets for auo. Infill's display is not acceptable for quality reasons.

          DeadReconing forever! testing in progress. (tyco)


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            6.5" LCD to fit stock CID in dash

            Has anyone found a good replacement screen that will fit the space that the stock CID takes up?

            Has any progress been made on this front?


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              Late update :P

              Still thinking of doing this?

              I have a 7" screen in.. and working :P