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Lorelei is dead, long may she live! (pics)

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  • Lorelei is dead, long may she live! (pics)

    My 95 probe that I had installed my computer in recently died. I got a 2000 Mustang to replace it.

    Lorelei (the car) is dead, Lorelei (the computer in the car) lives on, in a new body.

    The old:

    The new:
    I used one of those 5.6" in-dash monitors from dscustoms, it's nice.

    Here it is, open:

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    the new screen looks REALLY nice!!! i noticed that you can seen the DIN holder though. just an idea, but i would paint it to match the dash. what do you think your next upgrade will be?? keep up the great work!!
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      Nice, but to have a stock looking car without the thieves knowing what you have in the car, mount the screen right above your mirror. For more info look at my setup.

      opps didnt even notice u have a flip out joint.
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        they are a smart looking screen I must admit..... nice work...

        what GPS software are u running on the screenshots?
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          I use plain ol' street atlas 8 for gps. It does what I want it to, and it was fairly cheap.

          As for next upgrade, I don't know. I still need to put the wireless ethernet back in, once I figure out where to mount the usb adapter (already figured out that sunlight is bad, and I suspect that being enclosed in a metal trunk is not good for signal strength).

          The screen does have three RCA video inputs, so I may hook up a camera of some sort. I'll leave one open for immediate use (mostly to hook up to my digital camera when I have it with me).

          Thanks for the encouragement, all.


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            thats very similar to the setup i am going for (same car, same screen) is the gps readible for you?
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              wow, we are quickly getting a lot of late model mustangs on this board
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                Originally posted by GuRuGoD
                thats very similar to the setup i am going for (same car, same screen) is the gps readible for you?
                Much more readable than it was on the 4 inch screen I had in the last car. The graphics are just fine, the text is occasionally troublesome, but for the vast majority of the time it doesn't bother me.
                With a more modern video card it probably wouldn't be an issue at all. I'm using an age-old All-in-wonder.


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                  The video out quality of any All-In-Wonder is very good. Although its an old card it is still high quality output. A new one might look a bit better, but not that much.
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                    Originally posted by GuRuGoD
                    thats very similar to the setup i am going for (same car, same screen) is the gps readible for you?
                    I'm using the same screen and software as loreleiguy and I'm using the epia800 that you are using.. It looks tremendous Of course some of the smaller text is difficult to read.. You shouldn't be reading while you drive anyway! that's what the pretty colored lines are for
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