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MP3CAR store package deal? Incorrect?

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  • MP3CAR store package deal? Incorrect?

    Im looking into all my options for getting a car-pc into my 99 Toyota 4Runner, and i have been researching for months.

    I was looking at the mp3Car store "Custom Car Computer Package Deal"
    which is sold for $599.99 and is listed as $674.95 worth of stuff.

    Now, when i added all the components seperatley, they came up as a grand total of $594.51

    This is the link to the package

    either I am looking at the wrong products, or the package is incorrect.
    These are the products im figuring it with.

    VIA C7 2.0GHz Processor Mini-ITX Express Motherboard J7F2WE2G

    1GB DDR2 DIMM PC2-4200 RAM

    M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU

    VoomPC-2 CarPC Enclosure

    Major Brand 120GB 2.5" SATA Hard Drive

    Panasonic Slot Load CW-8124 DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive 24x24x24

    Total of $594.51

    Am i looking at the wrong parts??

    I am looking into this type of package possibly, and i would like to buy from mp3Car to support the forums, and so i can get $100 off of streetdeck.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Have you added in the slim adapter for the CD player and for the hard drive?

    There's also the fact that the package deal might be including low-profile ram, you might want to double check that.

    Also, the package deal comes put together.
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      Your calculations look ok to me.

      You know Im always having this thought about prebuilt system...

      They can always add those used or customer return parts. The PCI card for examples, you can tell if they have been used, you can see the sockets contact marks on the PCB pads as well as the screw marks on the brackets. Same goes for the memory modules. Since its already built, you have no way of telling if the parts have been used, its not on their original packaging anymore.

      Not saying mp3car do these kinda things, I know some ebay seller would definately do it.

      Anyway, if its cheaper to buy the bits individually, then go for it. Atleast you know all the bits are new, you get all the other small goodies that came with it too, you know like those extra cables, spare plates and so on.


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        does the package deal come with operating system?
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