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Digital audio out quality help

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  • Digital audio out quality help

    How do I get the absolute most pure 2 channel digital audio out of my PC?
    I am using an external D/A converter that will accept either coax or optical in and will give me a balanced signal that I can run to my balanced volume control.
    I am concerned about my OS (98lite) volume control as well as other software degrading the quality of the signal.
    So far the hardware I have is a Jetway 7f2we1g5d-oc-pb mother board
    Soundblaster live USB and a Panasonic UJ-85J-B Slim Slot load cd rom.
    Will this cd rom hinder performance?
    Are there issues with getting digital audio from a USB device?
    Keep in mind that I am looking for the absolute best no compromise performance

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    Any help here would be great. I know that someone here has some answers.


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      Search for ASIO and ASIO4all. As for volume control, unless you don't mind losing bits of resolution, you need to use a volume control after the DAC.


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        x2, people who use Winamp for ASIO use its volume control and are happy with the results, so you can try it out and see also.


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          Thank you very much

          Thank you very much that was the type of info that I was looking for. I have decided to use an analog volume control after the D/A. My next concern that I am having trouble finding information about is the physical path between my cd rom and the D/A. Will using a USB adapter to connect my cd rom to the IDE port allow for bit perfect transmition?


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            have a look here:


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              There are a number of threads on here as well about this.

              What you're wanting is commonly referred to as 'bit-perfect'.


              WinAmp and ASIO is a way to achieve this as well.

              I would be less concerned with yoru CD rom hindering sound and more concerned about your sound card hindering sound.

              You will need a sound card that is capable of NOT resampling the audio stream.

              I don't believe the Sound Blaster Live products are capable of this, however the Audigy cards are (through a tick box on a tab which says 'enable bit-accurate playback').
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              Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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                Wow! thanks guys for all of the help! I did not expect this quality of info. I think I just found my new favorite place on the web.