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Need graphical screen for dashboard instruments

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  • Need graphical screen for dashboard instruments

    I am finishing a Lamborghini replica car, with a GM LQ9 engine (600 hp).

    The instrument cluster on the dash is small, just like the original is that I am copying.

    What I need is some sort of graphical interface on a computer screen (that can be masked to fit the opening of instrument cluster), that I can read speed, tach, oil pressure/temp, fuel, and water temp.

    Although I have some computer and hacking skills, I would prefer to hire someone to finish it for me (finishing the kit itself is hard enough, and I already have customizer doing all the hard stuff like the suspension).

    Can you guys steer me to someone who might be able to do this?

    The car has a standard GM PCM, so that can be hacked for engine temps, tach, etc, but the speedo has a magnetic pick-up off the axle (Autometer brand).

    Thanks in advance,

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      You could use OBDII I suppose which would give you quite a bit of info.

      Or you could use something like the Fusion Brain to read sensors and output to the PC that way.
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