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A smooth shout for my very first mp3 road trip

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  • A smooth shout for my very first mp3 road trip

    I'd like to send a smooth shout out to all my homeys. The homey of note on this list is novalis, who got me into this whole mp3car mess.

    Just last week I finished piecing together the plexiglass box which houses my ~plug'n'play mp3car solution. I got the DScustoms fold out and shine daylight screen, a shuttle FV25 with a 40G notebook drive, a presenter's handheld mouse (which comes shooting out of the console when I fire up the mp3s), that cassette adapter thing to talk to my head unit, and a 175 watt inverter. It's invisible from the outside except for the screen--all stealth--it lives under the passenger seat.

    Everyone who's got through phase one probably understands the joy in my heart, the twinkle in my eye and the spring in my step today because tomorrow, tomorrow I take my first mp3 road trip! 3940 of my favorite songs, 6 hours to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and when I arrive I'm gonna look forward to leaving on account of it's six hours BACK HOME!

    No more relgious radio fanatics down through Scranton, PA. No more hip-hop R&B through Allentown. I'm all Operation Ivy, Jesus and Mary Chain, Bim Skala Bim, Tanya Donnelly, Fountains of Wayne and Pixies. Six hours of indy music, gasoline, and leather interior packed into one fine-lookin' Subaru Legacy! Kick ***!
    1996 Subaru Legacy GT 2.5L/Windows 98SE/Shuttle FV25 1000MHz/256M RAM/40G MP3s/DS Customs 5.6" LCD in-dash display/Deluo GPS/MS Streets/IR Rearview cam

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    Just remember to keep your eyes on the road!!!
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