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  • Good new tools = ++

    So while cutting the vw logo into the side of my case with my fathers ~20 year old skill jigsaw, it kept pulling oddly, which I chalked up to my lack of skill to cut straight lines, and the fact that it was a jigsaw.

    I just setup a jig to cut some shelves for my rackmount cabinet, which required nothing more than a few simple, straight cuts, and i wound up with some widly uneven cuts keeping the saw up against the guide. turns out the reciprocating piston that holds the blade holds it such that the blade is crooked left to right both in the vertical plane as well as the horizontal plan, and this being a 20 year old saw, there are no finetuning adjustments. The blades either affixed to the piston, or its not, and the base is either at "0" degrees, or 45. I know what im buying soon (and a new circular saw to go along with it ).

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    between me and my father we have just about every tool known to man (mostly he has them :P)

    he has this old table saw that's about 27 years old and it still works like a champ... when he's using it He's been using it for so long that anything that's wrong with it he automatically compensates for, and he can use it to cut just about anything there is to cut.

    A mashed up jigsaw is a bit more difficult though i suppose

    circular saws are nice to have too! and these days you can get a crappy table saw that is really a table with a circular saw bolted underneath it.
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      very tidy job of the logo... looks good.
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        Between me and my father, we have about every tool, and can not use a single one of them.

        I'm lucky to open a can of paint