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    Hey guys.

    Im relatively new to CarPC's. But have spent alot of time reading various FAQ's and DIY's which have been very helpful.

    I haven't actually got any components yet.

    The system that i am thinking about is to be installed into a 2005 Subaru Forester.

    Motherboard - Im not to sure yet on what one to choose. Something from the VIA range. What are your suggestions? To me that all seem the same.
    Although, I have noticed that the Elite C7VCM has got built in DC-DC power. Is this a good or bad idea, incase the power becomes to great and fries some circuity?

    Ram - What is a bare minimum to use, say 512?

    Hard Drive - I see in most installs that the hard drives are mounted vertically. Why is this? Something to do with the recording pin and bumpy roads?

    Sound - This is where i am mostly stuck. With a headunit, it has the RCA preouts. Now i was looking at external sound cards like the Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit External. But I am not to sure how this would connect to my 2 amps that i will be running. A 4 channel (front and rear) and then a mono. Somehow coming out of the sound card then to 3 sets of RCA's. Is it even possible? Or any other options?

    I think that is all for now.

    Any help would be great.