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Looking for a double DIN solution

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  • Looking for a double DIN solution

    Hi. I've been doing a lot of research lately for my newly launched carpc project. I think a double-DIN all inclusive solution like the G4 suits me best, but the G4 is kinda very expensive. Are there any other choices out there? I don't mind a bit of DIY modification and I was thinking about buying one of those stock double DIN DVD players then rip out the guts and put in a new system board, but then of cause there is the big problem of where to find a driver for the screen.

    I prefer not to use a single DIN motorised screen because that will block the air con outlet (Honda Jazz/Fit). The last resort option is to do a bit of panel modding and stick a stand alone screen in the double DIN hole, but then I'll have to fabricate brackets and such to mount the DVD drive and everything else securely.

    On the software side, I'm inclined towards a minimalist Linux solution that boots fast and only performs a few things that I'd do in a car (ie. no Windows desktop and all the extras please).

    Any advise for this newbie?

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    1) The DVD players use RCA quality screens not VGA quality. Everything will be fuzzy.

    2) Good call on the motorized screens. They tend to break, and look very tacky in my opinion.

    3) Mold in is by far the best bet, and some car shops may do it for you if you cannot.

    4) There is a thread on here about someone making double din cases that will fit itx boards with a bracket for a lilliput I believe. I think it is deep and will not be flush, but it is cheaper than most. There is also the WRX bezel in the mp3car store that is a double din (sorta). Problem is 7" is too big for a true double din opening. 6.5" is perfect. So hence the DWW-6500:

    Ease of installation goes hand in hand with cost.
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