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If you have wireless internet please read & reply

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  • If you have wireless internet please read & reply

    Please list the hardware, software, service you use for wireless internet. I'm talking around town driving, not parked in the garage. I already have that with my linksys 802.11B. Basically, I'm looking for a cheap way to get on the internet while on the road, not to surf the net but to find travel infos. I have a Nokia 8290 cell phone. What USB IR data receiver do you use? I couldnt find any US distrubutor for MA620. What other USB IR receiver are there that will work with 8290 for PC internet access?
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    Due to a serious deficit of wireless providers here in Charleston, SC, I don't use it... but here's some links you might want to check out. Or you might not. Either way, here they are..

    Happy surfing!
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      This is definitely a locally related thing. We have Wireless internet here provided by Cybervania and we use Orinoco Gold cards (both usb and PCI).


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        I am currently using my sprint PCS sanyo 4500 cell phone with a cable going from it into my serial port. I can only connect at 14.4Kbs though.

        Verizon has just started a high speed wireless service that is only available in some cites, but they claim that thier speeds can burst up to 144kbs. I am supposed to get free unlimited use of the wireless equipment for one month. If that pans out I can let you know, if you want me to.
        The service is supposed to run about $99 a month for unlimited use.
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 tend to be quite good for parts but I'm not sure if there only for the UK.

          I'm currently using a little Ericson T39 and it seem to be better than my home modem (one day BT will fix the line to our house so I can get a decent, ie 56k connection)

          If you mobile phone company offers an ISP service use it as it'll save you a lot of money. Unfortuneatly Orange are scrapping their's along with all there good services
          And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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            I can get wireless boardband from a local company for $70 a month. The range is 35 miles from the tower. It's not worth the money since I'll probably use it probably once a week while out of town. I have internet at work and boardband at home so I dont need to use it in my truck. I do need to use it when I'm a few hundred miles away from home. Cyber cafe is not as popular in the states as it is in Asian countries. Anyway the only other cheap alternative is using an USB IR data receiver and use my cell phone. I'm not going to surf the net while im driving anyway so speed is not an issue. Besides, when you're desperate, any speed will work as long as you can get on the net.
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            If you have a Shuttle FV24 motherboard in perfect working condition for sale, please PM me.


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              This sounds interesting...hello people who participated in this forum...i just wonder if it works in the Philippines... there's no T-mobile here...but there are service provider here such..SMART and GLOBE but how will i acquire free Internet from these service provider? well actually i have tried it... and it working when you have a load or shall i say 10 pesos per 30 min. for me that's very expensive...can anyone knows a sort of shall i say hacking tecknique... something like hacking there wirless connectionn.. i am using motorola V3x it has blue tooth..cable and so on... thanks..

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                holy 5-year-old thread!!!
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