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NAFTA Act means no duty charge for my carpc components bought from USA?

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  • NAFTA Act means no duty charge for my carpc components bought from USA?


    Just wondering if someone could clarify something for me. I bought a mini-itx case and m2-atx from Mobile Computing Solutions and it is being shipped by USPS to Canada. My impression is that these two components are made in the USA so I shouldnt be charged duty by importing into Canada under the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act). Is this true?

    I seem to be hit with small GST and duty charges when buying anything from the USA worth over $100. Not much compared to the excessive charges by UPS, but just wondering if I can get around it.

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    you need info from a broker on the CA side.

    I could probably give some free advice if imported to US or guide you to answers. However I would assume the case was not made in USA just because you purchased it
    there.(Unless you know for sure).
    I worked in the industry 15 years as US Customs Broker.
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      My stuff already came in and I didnt get charged, but thanks anyways. These customs charges seem very random and unpredictable. Sometimes I wont get charged when I order $200+ worth of goods, while other times I get a charge for $100 worth in goods. Both are labelled the same (not as a gift/repair).