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Where can i get a V.short USB cable

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  • Where can i get a V.short USB cable

    Hi All!

    Could anyone tell me where i could get some super short USB cables? its so i can get everything in my usb hubs so they only need to be 50mm long or so.

    Any help would be great! ive looked everywhere!


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    Newegg has retractable USB cables that extend to 3' or so, but retracted they are less than 1' I think. That's the closest I could find for ya...


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      thanks for looking mate!

      i found some on ebay that are 25mm long! Perfect!


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        Sweet! Toss up a link, if you would...I need some short ones as well!


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          I bought a bunch of short usb cables & short usb extensions too on ebay, really cleans up an install... the short extensions are also great to extend a hard to get at usb port to a more convienient reachable place for servicability,& combining short cables with short extensions can make quick disconnecting component assy's easier too...

          also, on ebay these cables are really cheap, for what you would pay for just 3 cables from like staples, you can get a large variety of cables to clean up what might otherwise be a bunch of coiled cables... I buy extras just to have on hand... really short cables can be very useful in a car install...
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