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Caller ID enable (Tested on nokia phone at least)

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  • Caller ID enable (Tested on nokia phone at least)

    Just when you think your phone doesn't support caller ID through PC!
    Spending alot of time looking into this issue, I have found a cure!
    There is an AT command to enable the CallerID feature through the com port, HOWEVER, it is session based, meaning, as soon as you restart, lets say, hyperterminal, it will forget the setting. This meant that the value, being session based, was in temporary memory during the period of use.

    So I give you the commands!

    Open up Hyperterminal, you will need to type these values in for the phone to configure itself.

    ### This enables the callerID feature

    ### Save parameters in your profile + powerup option so it won't reset.

    Voila, now that should help alot of those phones out there hopefully
    In other notes, Freefone didn't parse the phone number out even though it sees it (verified Debug.txt). Guess it's a bug in freefone
    CdRsKuLL hope you catch this and fix the bug issue

    Here's a little snippet of Debug.txt
    1/7/2008 10:02:09 PM: Out: [AT+CSQ]
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: []
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: [+CRING: VOICE]
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: []
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: [+CLIP: "+15140000000",145]
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: []
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: [+CSQ: 22,99]
    1/7/2008 10:02:10 PM: In: []

    Tony for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!

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    Just a little suggestion maybe
    Seems that the commands, if combined on one line, are processed if no errors. IF theres an error among one (being not supported, or just wrong setting) not all the commands will initiate, like in my case (CallerID), however, using the above treatment It set the phone registers to use it as a default.

    Heres another debug info:
    1/8/2008 11:15:52 PM: Out: [ATE0;+CSCS="8859-1";+CRC=1;+CLIP=1;+CNMI=2,1]
    1/8/2008 11:15:52 PM: In: [ATE0;+CSCS="8859-1";+CRC=1;+CLIP=1;+CNMI=2,1]
    1/8/2008 11:15:52 PM: In: [ERROR]
    Just to clarify something here:
    ATE0;+CSCS="8859-1";+CRC=1;+CLIP=1;+CNMI=2,1 Fails
    during that period:
    CRC stayed: 0
    CSCS stayed: PCCP437
    CLIP stayed 0
    CNMI was unfortunately not supported.
    Because of that error in sequence, the good commands were not set, Ex. CallerID (!!!)
    The easiest way to implement the fix without affecting the current progress of the freefone software, would be to load the 4 startup commands on separate lines (IF all are required), otherwise, just for callerID, AT+CLIP=1;+CRC=1 can be ran on a single line only, which would get many people up and running, the phonebooks etc would be the last thing to worry about until callerid is working the way it should be.

    Hope this will be fixed in the next freefone 1.5 release as well as the callerID parsing, as freefone doesnt show the callerid/picture even though the Debug.txt does.

    Maybe a suggestion would be, an option in settings.ini to set INIT commands on startup, and make AT+CLIP=1;+CRC=1 as default, and add another INIT line to load other commands, like AT+CSCS="8859-1" for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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      Im confused..what is hyperterminal?the one on the computer or my phone?

      Im confused with your instructions on enableing caller id...I only have hyperterminal on my pc...I am using windows mobile 6 and there is no terminal application on my phone please specify what you meant by starting terminal and manually configuring my phone...your details seem like they would work..if I could only get started with the first step.


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        Can someone please post their settings.ini that includes the callerID command?


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          Tony -

          Thanks a TON for this info. Works perfectly on my Nokia 6263 and now freefone is working great for me. You are the MAN!

          Gene, this has nothing to do with settings.ini; you use hyperterminal to interact with your phone, send the commands that Tony gave and that's it, you're done. It changes settings on the phone such that when it passes freefone (or whatever is connected to your phone) the <RING> notification it also sends the callerID info.



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            cortewardy, you need to pair your phone with computer via bluetooth or direct connect, then use the computer's "hyperterminal" application in windows to access the phone via the virtual com port it was assigned. then follow the commands in the first post to enable the caller ID permanently on the phone since freefone doesn't process it correctly on some phones.

            These are nokia tested commands, use at your own risk on other mobile phones!

            I'm glad it helped someone out other than me

   for Car Pics!

   for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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              I registered at this forum .. only to thank you very much about your post
              I was very depressing because I tried many commands to get the caller ID , like :

              and all of them get ERROR