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    Well I was woundering if any one knows how to make a custom car decal? what material I would use and such......thanks for the help!

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    Most of the time its Vinyl.. easy to put on and easy to take off..

    However, you are probably going to want to go to a shop to cut any sort of design using a computer aided cutter.. If you just want a window eyebrow or something then you can just pick some up and put it on yourself I suppose...

    Lots of places sell the vinyl on the net, just hit google.

    Example of a small vinyl decal:
    MP3 Cavalier -
    MP3 Grand Prix -


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      Hey, Callahan.. Long time no see!!! Where you been hiding? My decals you sent out are holding up like a champ! Thanks again!

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        Ah im always here.. I just lurk as seen by my post count..

        Glad to hear they held up. I still have some left. If anyone is interested in them, shoot me a PM or an email.. I have red, black, silver and yellow in the MP3 and only black left in enhanced it seems..

        I only have a few but if someone wants em I can throw em in an envelope.. No promises this time though, if I get around to it I will (I'll foot the postage if I do).
        MP3 Cavalier -
        MP3 Grand Prix -


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          how much you chargin for em?


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            Same as before, nothing. I asked for self-addressed envelopes before.. But I'll only be sending a few out this time so don't worry about it.

            If you want one, PM me. I'll try to put one in an envelope soon and get it in the mail..
            MP3 Cavalier -
            MP3 Grand Prix -


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              Hey, can you send me a few...
              Mark Muyskens


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                I'd like one please

                Do you have any left with a red "MP3" and a black "enhanced"?
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